How to f*ck up an interview

Ugh. I cringe. I flinch. I am hurt by the thing I say about it “sometimes it’s a job.” Oh, god. I apologize to everyone.

Day 19

img_2200I ran 8.74 miles today. I ranged somewhere around 9 minute miles. I felt good the whole time. I thought about improv. I thought about how I was going to approach my class tonight. what three things do I want to work on.

  1. Initiating better group games.
  2. Initiating better second beats.
  3. Initiating with bolder characters.

We had improv auditions to be placed on Harold teams yesterday. It was fun! I think I had one really good scene about a knight that entered a new Kingdom and his gifts were the gold coins of elves he slaughtered. (You had to be there.) The guy I was playing with was very good. Very gracious. He was picking up on everything I threw out, and added a lot to the scene. He had one very funny things: he was shocked to hear I had killed so many elves, and said “The elves provide us with vegetables and fruits; they feed the entire kingdom!” I didn’t have a good response. I think I said “I will miss those.” Or, maybe I’m remembering that only now. I should have said something like “A true knight knows how to source locally. We can’t we wasting our money importing food from the forest.” Ho-hum. Always better later. Put that on my grave… “He was better… later.”

What I would give to dance with my son on the beach again: Just dancing in the dark.


Day 18

Today is supposed to be a rest day, but instead I ran 3 miles (9:33/miles). I felt a bit of shin splints toward the middle, but they went away. Sometimes people talk about having “fresh legs” that was not mine today. They weren’t stuck to the pavement, but weren’t happily bouncing/keeping good pace.

I’m so sweaty after I run. It’s disgusting. I get out of the shower. Dry off. Go to my computer to log the information, and my computer is wet. My arms are re-wet. My back. I have to wrap a towel around me like a prayer shawl so I don’t sweat on the kitchen table and chairs. And the towel is downstairs hanging in an old Whole Foods bag: said towel, hasn’t been washed since the last time I visited the neighborhood Aquatic Center which closed on Labor Day, and anything in this house that doesn’t get washed begins to smell vaguely of cat.

I don’t understand how anyone could find me anything but repulsive. I’m like a hairy, sweaty, cat smelling-hippo.

Hey, ladies.


The Magician

img_2217A short monologue inspired by an overheard voice…
Just don’t start conversations with ‘are you a magician.'”
(I left in WOMAN, and MAN 2 to further help the performing of the piece.) 

Man on a train.
MAN: Excuse me. Hi, sorry to bother you. Are you a magician?
(WOMAN: A what?)
MAN: A magician.
(WOMAN: No.)
MAN: Oh, cause you were shuffling cards. You shuffle cards very well.
(WOMAN: Thank you.)
MAN: I was going to ask you to show me a trick. Know any tricks? No? I do. Let me see your cards?
(WOMAN: I’m good.)
MAN: Let me see them. What am I gonna do? Steal them? We’re on a train.
(MAN 2: She doesn’t want to give them to you.)
MAN: Whoa. Wow. Who are you? Are you guys together? No. Then, back off my business. Back up off me. You don’t know me. I’m talking with her. We’re having an illuminating conversation about—
(MAN 2: You don’t know me.)
MAN: I know what it’s like to sit behind you. I know what’s like when you shove your head back—every minute—so you can get comfortable. Frankly, it’s unnerving. (to WOMAN) Gimme your cards. Give them to me. I’ll show you a trick.
MAN: No? Okay. Your loss.
Pause. MAN 2 begins chatting with WOMAN.
MAN: Nope. Do not start talking with her. Do not begin chatting with her. I broke the ice—you don’t deserve the “in” I created. (to WOMAN) I thought you were a magician… I gave you that gift.

Day 17

img_2183Ran 6 miles today with an average of 9:07/mile. Nothing hurts.

Opening Romeo & Juliet tonight. My third show at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. I really love this place, and I hope one day to become an affiliated artist here. To me, that would mean belonging to this theatre. Being a company member.

I saw on Facebook that they are doing a solo show at Studio Theatre! That makes me very happy, because not only will I be able to see that show, but also it means someone has paved the way for me to do MY solo show at Studio Theatre.

I have hopes to take it to Edinburgh this summer, and if it gets some attention… THEN perhaps Studio Theatre will be interested. I certainly can’t just go straight to them with the play now. After all, I’m 9 miles away. Can’t run that far. (Yet.)

Day 16

img_2198On the penultimate run of week four I averaged 8:09/miles a minute and did 3.4/miles. Finally for the first time in four weeks I felt no pain anywhere.

Monuments were nice. I was leaving the theatre and there is a vestibule that is filled with audience members validated their parking (a machine). The actors stroll by and they also say nice things to us as we leave. It’s very kind. it means a lot.

We did things on stage a little differently and got some new reactions from the audience. I’m supposed to have my long run on Monday, but that’s also opening night. It’s supposed to be 9 miles. Which seems like a very big number. I’m going to have to bring water with me… maybe that goo stuff. Ugh.

Day 16

Finally. Felt no pain in either leg. No discomfort in either leg. Picked up my speed to nine minute miles. Only issue is my neck hurt with every step I took. I think I extended it during fight call a days ago, and sure I should have skipped the run, but I didn’t.

It feels better today, but not like i want to run on it.

One day forward, two days back.