It’s important

I check all props before going on stage.
I need to touch them with my hands.
The travel map goes in upside down in the front left pocket of my bag.
Telescope fits large-side down in the front right pocket:
That way when I can save the —CLICK CLICK CLICK— opening of the telescope for a separate moment.
I never used to be suspicious, but more and more I have routines that must be followed. In the dressing room, I take my pants off first.
Unless my shirt is off, in which case I put my new shirt on, before taking off my pants.
There is a water fountain, and before going onstage I need to splash each one of my hands with water, and then splash that water onto my face.
Sometimes I slap myself, sometimes I don’t.
There is an energy in children’s theatre that must be matched.
If not, they eat you alive.
Make no mistake: you can’t be off. You can’t be thinking about later.
They Will Eat You.
Sometimes there are children under four who have a lot to say, but it’s not in English. It’s more like Dolphin. Or, the odd sound of Moons orbiting Jupiter.
In these cases it’s quite challenging to establish a group mind in performance. As there is something else in the room that does not obey social gravity. Meaning, they are moved by sound and physical movement, but seemingly pay no attention to the “word.”
Everyone pays attention to all: Physical, Word, Sound, Vibration, Timing…
To them, and us, the group mind forms.
But those underlings…
You gotta be careful is all I’m saying.
They won’t eat you alive,
But they imbalance your instincts.
You are no longer able to hear what is being fed.
The steady drone of planets colliding, and near missing
Cause a friction in energy that is never really replaceable.
You can call it out.
It will get you a laugh, or not.
You can challenge it.
It will get you an uncomfortable laugh.
You can pretend it isn’t happening.
Or, you can begin every sentence anew and never really know how anything lands.
Which sounds like me after three shots of Jim Beam.
In conclusion, performing for very young children is like acting while intoxicated. It’s fun for a bit, but you wouldn’t make a habit of it.

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