It’s important

I check all props before going on stage.
I need to touch them with my hands.
The travel map goes in upside down in the front left pocket of my bag.
Telescope fits large-side down in the front right pocket:
That way when I can save the —CLICK CLICK CLICK— opening of the telescope for a separate moment.
I never used to be suspicious, but Continue reading It’s important


Nooo. No. I won’t do it. I can’t.
Your face. Ahh! Why pretend? Why sit here with coffee, something I enjoy, and pretend?
What is it with my face?
It’s not good.
It’s not?
Your voice! Ah! Have you always spoken like that? Oh, shit.
Let’s just sit down—
You stuttered. Is that an impediment? You’re “slow” right?
Sit down for one second.
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