I am 23

You make me stare at your Facebook
Telling me to pick the picture
I like the best.
The one that angled
Yerked you to me.
The one you looked at and said “Aha!”
Forgetting which one it was:
There was many.
You have more pictures of yesterday
Than I do of my son.
More pictures the day before,
Than I have of every member of my fathers side
Of the family.
I scrolled and scrolled
Endless colors, expressions
Finally pointing at you:
Tongue out,
Heavy on the mascara,
Cheeks, as though crab apples
Filled the inside of your mouth.
Or, maybe you just finished cheering a basketball game,
Or, booing a game
Or, had some game played on you…

But hey, I’m 23
Best friends with mom
Respectful of dad
And everyday I do something
I will regret now
And rejoice later.

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