15 minutes


I haven’t been able to speak about HOC for the last ten months. The day before my wedding is the day the wonderful hair and makeup team at HOC asked “Have they spoken to you about your hair?”  I said no, theysaid we have to remove with with a razor, and asked if I ever did that. I said no, then said I have my wedding in two days, I have my wedding pictures tomorrow. Then they looked at each other in a way that said “This is going to happen you just haven’t accepted it yet.” They were very sweet and managed to keep the top portion. (It should be noted it’s not that I have long thick flowing locks—I keep my hair short—but never shaved down to the scalp.)

From the first moment I auditioned for HOC, I knew nothing—in fact they give you a fake script, complete with fake character name. Arvold Casting called me into their new office in Virginia, and I was taken into (literally) a closet to record, which turned out to be a really accurate location. Michael was spectacular. Pushed, prodded, got what he wanted and kicked me out of the closet.

The crew is an organism. They are swift and efficient. While one thing is happening here, ten things are being set up over there. They were kind, smart, and when it was time—swarmed. I remember watching them set up different shots and thinking I need this in my life. This harmony and efficiency combined with bold strokes.

Really great experience. Oh, and if there is ever a gag reel. There will be a moment, as I pull Lucas off the prison bed, slam him against the door, said “door” breaks as Lucas and I go sprawling on the floor. Then he says “We’re free!”

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