The hesitant love poem

IMG_1478.jpgSometimes I can’t believe that you love me
It’s like I hit oil.
I’m a millionaire.
With you  anywhere near you
The world is the best place to be.
I think of you floating along in the sea
I think of my hand on your back

I think of you beginning to create a world in which the rules of your mind make reality.
You’re so beautiful.
You l take my breath away when I look at you.
Your eyes are the deepest things I’ve ever seen.
I can’t believe that you like me;
Sometimes I can’t believe it.
I could not have found a more perfect partner!
Your hand.
O, to kiss your hand for one second. I would trade a thousand clams.
If clams were important.
If not,  I would trade rubies, emeralds, amethysts, diamonds.
Your heart is the mist precious thing to me.
I will carry it like a baby. Not a a baby.
I will be the adult… who carries—
I will be responsible is what I’m trying to say.
Your painted on lips are truly something that artists will study for decades.
Your face is a most beautiful thing.
I would kill a hundred mushrooms for one taste of your sweet breath.
Unless I was starving. Then I would eat the mushroom.
Not all of them.
That would be a lot.
As an intimate partner I am  pretty much the luckiest man in the world.
Your very touch hurls me into frenzy.
Sexual haberdashery!
To lie with you is to pray with you.
You are like a tiger.
A sexual tiger. Always on the prowl.
Always wanting more.
Settling for nothing.
Unless caged.
Then you settle for pacing.
A hundred thousand ships will launch
The moment you step from the shower;
I will watch the sails till they fade beneath the horizon,
Comfortably knowing, they are going the wrong way.IMG_1478.jpgIMG_1478.jpg

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