Someone to open up their ears

IMG_1474.JPGEverybody needs somebody to talk to
It’s not the right thing to do
I will make exception
But those that snatch my soul from hell
Will have something quite different to say
How much wrong can I do
How much hurt can we cause.
It;s hopeless and never ending
Where do we find the galley’s of happiness
When does our ship comes in
And when you wait that long
Looking at the waters crush each other
Will you know the boat that saves
From the one with plans of war
I’ll make a speech
I’ll make the room warm
I’ll sing the song that touches the chords
The cord that binds
That’s all there is anyway, right?
Is it the text
Or, is it each other
How much wrong can one do?
How far can one push till the bridge falls
I remember when my mom was alive
But do you?
I’ll look at you from heaven
And fall the farthest st
What a journey it will be.
I watched people in a circle;
I watch people in a circle.

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