The Woman in the Lane

IMG_1077.jpgA woman swam in the fast lane at the Sunnyside Aquatic Center in Perish, Maryland. Perish is a quaint town filled with candle stores, and brick tiles. It used to be an old landing port for slave trading. The Perish quarry site is world famous for imploding in it’s second year — which brought near death to over 3oo workers — and brought to light the finest damn quartz crystals you’ve ever seen. During the great uprising in 1872, most of the land was burnt, charred, and sank into a land of infection and chaos. Men bed with animals; woman brushed their teeth with hairbrushes; apples grew in dark dingy bathtubs filled with vinegar and blackberry root. This gave the apple a bitter (yet surprisingly) clean flavor, and to this day we celebrate our favorite day of the year [Vinegar!] with folk music, and pie eating contests.

Today, however, was not Vinegar! but rather an ordinary day with ordinary weather in the good ol’ town of Perish where a woman decided to swim in the fast lane at the Sunnyside Aquatic Center.


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