Once upon a time there was a duck named Gary who didn’t understand why his family, and all the other ducks were so happy when they were losing their home little by little every year. Every day, Gary would wage war: he’d stay north longer than he should; avoid posing for pictures by tourists and/or photobomb those pictures; and shit on all new shiny cars. One day the other Continue reading Ducks


The Snuggler

IMG_0666_2.jpgRichard Roffe was lying in bed with Susan. He did not know if Susan was her real name, and considering he was using a fake name — it didn’t really matter. Richard was in a lot of debt when he got out of med school and something about doing your residency really rubbed him the wrong way, so he never actually became a full MD (though on the bus to Susan’s Continue reading The Snuggler

Don’t let your mother tell you those TV shows will rot your brain

IMG_1633.jpgI was once like them. I thought the same thing. I watched hours of Facts of Life, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Jefferson’s, I Love Lucy — but who would’ve thought that Baywatch would have been the most instrumental TV watching program to prepare me for the moment I saved a human life.

I was swimming Continue reading Don’t let your mother tell you those TV shows will rot your brain