Dairy Farm

When i first picked you up we hugged.
It was epic.

When we drove home we listened to Hamilton. We are going to sing the song GUNS & SHIPS — you will be playing the part of LAFAYETTE.

I gave you thirty minutes to play device while I rowed on the machine. You played Smashy Car, a generic zombie game, and Infinity Blade II.

You complained the first and second time we did the 2 mile walk around the lake. On the third day you didn’t, though you lagged a bit and I said “C’mon” and you said “Atleast I’m not complaining.”
Touche. Point: Rafael.

We did your math homework early, hiked for 2 miles, watched me row, than swam for twenty minutes.

You’re a strong swimmer.

Your mother didn’t pack your bathing suit, and I never got around to buying you one because you kept going in your underwear and no one in the Aquatic Center seemed to mind. Least of all you.

You like the second shower spigot closest to the pools entrance. You claim was — it’s the hottest. I claim it’s the most powerful.

We swim to the bottom. We swim in the deep end. We hold our breath. You counted 42 seconds when I held my breath underwater. You did two backflips and a twist.

At one point you held onto the divider separating the free swim area from the lap lane, and the lifeguard blew a whistle on you.

The lifeguards didn’t let you into the jacuzzi (another whistle) so Jared and i splashed water on your hands to give you an idea of the temperature. You said it wasn’t that hot.

We have tea parties underwater.

We play tag underwater.

We play sharks and minnows.

You don’t ever want to live in a tin-foil house. EVER.

You want privacy and your own room.

We agree that seeing each other as little as we do HAS TO CHANGE.

Still very polite.

Out of the turkey, brussel sprouts, stuffing, cranberry, baked potatoes, and homemade pumpkin pies — you ate nothing. You settled on carrots, broccoli, and baguette.

We bro’d out and watched the Canadians game. We beat New York 5 to 1. You ate two plates of chicken tenders.

I bought you fake vampire teeth which you didn’t stop wearing for three days.

I also bought you a fake knife and you kept pretending to stab yourself and die.

You are convinced if you dream you are dead, than you die in real life.

You kick in your sleep. You kicked Lindsay in the face, and me in the back.

You fell in love with a cat named Precious.

You hold hands with a girl at school. You spend your recess together. You think she is very intelligent. I asked you to describe her and you said she smelled like cotton candy.

You still want to be an architectural engineer.

You ruined my viewing of the Lego Movie by telling me what was going to happen before it happened.

We ate Chinese the last night. You can tell the difference between good, and bad. (In life, and Noodle Soups.)



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