No one got hurt

(Photo by T. Ryder Smith)
Can I tell you this story about this guy?
He was crazy.
Crazy about this girl.
Lingered on.
He dreamt of money he would have and how he would spend it on her.
They ate, slept, swam, smok’d, coffee’d, imbibed, pushed and finally
Pulled each other apart.
It was quiet.
There was nothing.
There was days of quiet.
There was years of nothing.
He was no longer crazy about this girl.
He was simply crazy.
Quirky as they come.
He dreamt that one day he would be so famous that she would realize the mistake she made and break every mirror in the fun house:
Barrel into his arms.
But it was quiet.
No fame
No success
No reason to brag
Only weight.
From life
From mouths
From ideas that turned into rain
Dreams that turned into punchlines.
Then the girl (now a woman)
Invited the boy (now a man)
Into her home for tea.

He ran up the fourth floor walk up!
Heard the door opening as he rounded the corner!
And there she was.

A dream
A baby tree
Chocolate bars and
Wine and
High heels.
Flowers on a worn out trail.
Water, water, everywhere.

They talked like
Children learning to ride bicycles.
They fell,
Careened and
Took flight;
Full speed
Eyes closed: running in an open field.
And guess what?
No one got hurt.
No one got hurt.
No one got hurt, right?
Except there’s no more story to tell:
About this guy
Who was crazy
About this girl.

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