That didn’t and happened

What if I told you it was happening now?
The dreams where they come to me
On that metal plank, and put things into my stomach;
Begging me, open the door,
Tweaking the hinge:
Many years went by since the first image.
Remembered like dunes of sand,
Yet nothing so soft, so constant.
Yet carved into my memory
all colors remembered.
Beaten down science lab,
Car crash,
Bold bear demeanors
A mask underneath a mask;
Your slow walk out of the car
Towards my point of view.
Seeming, both seeming, ordinary
Acting the part of a full circle
with the heart of a polygon.
What did you want?
To eat me drink me put metal things in me.
Without experiment
Equipping me, tagging along, you want information.
But if you’re so smart what is there you don’t know?

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