The Ensemble

(Photo by T. Ryder Smith)

To be enthralled with a small object.
Pick someone up like it’s easy.
Pick someone up once a day.
SO many issues could have been avoided if I’d have picked someone up.
Raise your hand.
Suffer for someone else.
Ask the light for more time.
Ask time for more flavor.
Ask flavor for more texture.
Cut deep.
Act from the gut.
Speak like an arrow.
Let your words knock the wind out of your partner.
Hit them in the solar plexus.
Be there.
If you see someone falling — catch them.
Don’t look down
If you do look down see a sign that says “Look Up.”
Know you are connected.
No psychology.
Let the story happen to you.
Look at the homeless person on the street and know that there is not much difference between you.
The ensemble muttered around the room collecting animals and smahsing musical wooden instruments. In that cluster of disaster they created a sound that influenced the orbit of Jupiter. Finally, Saturn got down on one knee, slipped off it’s ring — and proposed.

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