Has it been fourteen years?

On September 9th 2001 I went to Canada to see friends and family. I came back to New York (Soho) on September 11th 2001 around 12:30am. I went to sleep and my three roommates and I were all woken up from the sound of the first plane hitting the world trade center. We had no idea what was happening. We were very close, but were looking at the towers from the North side so had no idea why one building was on fire, then another. We filmed it all, and I remember thinking it was not a big deal because a tow truck was across the street towing some car and I thought business as usual. We took our video camera and went as close as we could — two blocks away, and that’s when the first building came down. Then the second. I remember walking back to my apartment in soho and a crowd gathered around a car that had his radio on and literally hundreds of us stood and looked at each other, at our suroundings — hearing the news and attempting to process what was going on.

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