Spider: An Apology

First off.
Don’t hate the player.
Yes, it’s your home.
The forest is yours.
Sometimes I walk through the forest.
Sometimes I kill your home —
If I were to construct a home of my own.
Intricate bathroom designs,
Organic cliff-like patio furniture,
and build it directly on the street.
I would expect a car to come through and crash my home:
Like I crashed yours.
I was a wrecking ball.
Please don’t think I enjoyed it.
I must have eaten five of you.
I did, however, enjoy detroying that one web:
The green and orange spider,
With red jaw,
You know who I mean.
You are the real thing.
you are the spider king and it seemed like you were super.
I don’t kill spiders,
But I do kill their homes when they are built
Eye-line height,
On a main trail,
In Southern Maryland.
And for that, I’m sorry.

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