Building #4


In the middle of town
Were the Koppies.
A great open space
With manicured trees and shrubs:
Mostly open space.
A boy and a man
Went for a hike.

The boy complained as he walked;
The man was hurt by the complaint.

“You’ll never be in this again; see that building? You’ll never see it again.”
“Why not?”
“Cause we may never come back here. This whole place. You may never see it again.”
The boy began to cry.
The man promised him a croissant if he reached the top.
On the way back they were both startled by dogs.
“Let’s keep going.”
“Why don’t they like us?”
“Cause we’re leaving.”
“They know we’re leaving?”
“Do they want to come with us?”
“It’s possible.”
“Are they not happy?”
“What do you think?”
“Cause they’ll never see us again?”

The dogs were menacing.
Pacing behind the fence
Barking with the full range of their ability.

“I think they want to come with us.”

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