Day 12

They have accepted me as one of their own.
Part vigilance, part vindication.
I am now running my own office supply warehouse.
There’s a sign of me on top of the main entrance.
I’m riding a horse without clothing;
Though I hear that’s common for horses.
My phone rings 98 times a day and I answer one percent of the calls.
When I sign my name there is a short burst of applause.
That applause follows me to my car when I leave.
My secretary is a man.
He is stronger than me.
Better looking.
They tell me he doesn’t eat bread.
He is studying the roots of a diet that was born in the time when man created fire.
He also talks about exercising.
In fact, I’ve never heard him talk about anything else.
Included what company, or persons, has attempted to get in contact with me during the day.
I knew today was different when they invited me to Luxembourg.
Watching boats, I heard an accordion.
It reminded me of my grandfather.
He was in the Navy, and was one of the soldiers who landed on Normandy.
They don’t like when I bring up Normandy.
They open bottles of wine at lunch.
Hey, it’s Paris.

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