For Bob Dylan

 photo IMG_0242_zps7cz1e2a1.jpg
Well I saw an advertisement one day
That promised me the most beautiful girl
And I hoped and I prayed
That I’d see that girl
And we’d swim in the lake
And wake up on the shore.

Well I rode my bike to the picnic stand
Where the bears and the snakes
Mostly covered the land
And I saw that sign that read
‘Last Seen’
And I followed the trail to the orange-green.

Took that trail to the end of the land
I saw spiders and zebras and a slew of sand.
The cliff looked hard and the sky looked mean
And I folded my rifle
And bit my lip
And what do you know?
An Advertisement.

“You came so far and it took so long
Your beard and your face seem old and gone
Well I hope you know this is the end of your life
And you spent it buddy — chasing after my wife.”
Behind me jumped and I rifled fast
But quicker than me I was up in a tree.
As I dangled there with my blood rushing down
A man slide up with a diamond crown.

He pointed his finger and squinted his eyes
I knew right then there’s no leaving this mountain alive
But I aimed my gun and I breathed some air
And wouldn’t you know it
The sun came there
And following the sun
Just behind the cedar
Came out the woman
With the face in the poster.

That face in the poster
It never looked mean
It was clean, and sparkled near the emerald leaves.
She took my hand and she held it tight
And I pulled that trigger
And my head went white
And the last thing I saw was the diamond crown
And I woke by the shore with the beautiful girl
By a picnic table near the end of the world.

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