photo IMG_1534_zps2a098aa0.jpg
I am going to row at Crossfit today.
I plan on rowing myself away from the pain in my leg and
The ugly growth that’s appearing on my lower chin.
It might be a pimple.
It might be a boil.
It might be SARS,
Whatever the fuck it is, I am going far away from it.
I will sit up right,
Push through my heels.
Clench my butt at the end

The Sun now rose upon the right:
Out of the sea came he,
Still hid in mist, and on the left
Went down into the sea.

A man walked naked out of the Crossfit shower today and decided to take class, dressed completely fucking naked, and I was like “What’s up?” He had a good body whatever, and I’ve seen, during summer months, guys take off their shirts, and women, too, going into their sports bra. But, yo, homeslice was buck naked. He high-fives me, and I’m like “Yeah.” I mean, I’m not a dick. It is a community. I’m not gonna not high-five him, that’s very un-Crossfit, frankly. If people aren’t high-fiving each other after every interval — not sure I’d want to be a part of it.

Then he stands in front of the class, and I’m thinking “Oh” He’s gonna lead us into some light stretching maybe some squats, but he starts talking…

“Yoga isn’t worth doing. Neither is Pilates, elliptical machines, or running in place. I hope to not see anyone running in place. I will begin thinking you’re wasting your time. And I would hate to think that of my brethren. Because you are my brethren. You’re not as strong as me physically, but you’re here. You’re in the place I work out. We both look out the same windows into the street as this area slowly changes to us. This area of lower class family’s. This is the future. They see that. You’re seeing that. They walk by, sure they laugh, they point, like that one right there, with his sisters, and that little boy with them, that might be another brother, or their kid. Who knows? Not judging. But they see us lifting weights and they know we are coming to buy their house. We are coming to lift their house on top of our backs and carry them off. Shake the house right around and fling them out! Till the house is empty and we buy it. Flip it. You got it, and Holy shit I’ve been naked this whole time.”

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