Things I think before I wake up

 photo IMG_0036_zpscc971adf.jpg
The thing with youth hostels is “change.” Everyone is either on the verge of becoming something else, or loathe to say goodbye to the person they once were. Whichever person you run into — whether German, South African, Palestinian, know that they will have a wonderful accent from which they’ll spew they’ll spew their biological rant. If you are studying accents — well done.

It is also similar to what I imagine a commune would be. People say good morning. We do dishes near strangers. We sleep next to someone who snores (who is also a stranger). Know there will be strangers. (And you will be one of them).

People who snore should be moved into single occupancy rooms, and be forced to pay extra. If not, there should be a question added to the application specifying whether you make any kind of noise at night, thereby averting the issue of say nine other people whom you are sharing a room with who are not sleeping and who are planning to kill you. My issue is talking. I talk in my sleep, and sometimes I am semi-conscious and can remember what I’m saying. I had a girlfriend once tell me I spoke in my sleep. I told her “Meet me at the gas station.” She woke up startled, and said “What gas station?” I said “Not you.” Unfortunately, this means I would have to check the “sleep-talk” square on my application, and then have to shack up with nine snorers/talkers which was what I planned to avoid in the first place.

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