Back to the top: Or, You’re a car accident

 photo IMG_2589_zpsfbcf6152.jpg
This will probably be the last letter you get from me.
I know that makes you happy,
Raising your eyebrows right now;
Upping your eyebrows as you
Skip over hard worked paragraphs of my work.
Speeding to the bottom
Page where you think it’s
All dramatic and shit.
Instead when you head to the bottom:
“Back to the Top. Be a normal human being and read in order.”
Your ethics like uncut grass;
Wild and untamed;
A donkey at a tea party.
(Not in the good way.)

No more showing up at work
Across the street
Newspaper butterflied
Covering my face
Lowering gently
Stealing glances at your baking expertise.
(Can’t I look at a beautiful painting?)
You work well and
This happens to be my spot,
My people watching spot
The intersection of Elizabeth and Spring is me.
Sorry you opened your bakery across the street.
Successful women can be so aggressive and not saying nothing—
Don’t do it—
Yes, I see you both ogling one another:
He’s smug, and will wind up hurting you.
Sure handsome,
Sure whimsical;
Knows all about wines from Spain,
Difference between
Reposado and Anejo
Local and Fair Trade
Pork shoulder and burned brisket.
Difference between
Someone who listens,
Someone who waits to speak
is common fuckin knowledge and homeboy is the latter.
(Plus he’s your manager)
Your ethics;
I swear to God
Are a freshly cut christmas tree:
No matter how many
Gallons of fresh
Brita water poured over;
Pine needles everywhere.
All up in my wool socks
It’s as uncomfortable to walk as it is to watch.
(Newspaper up.) You’re a car accident.

And so….
It wouldn’t have worked.
I agree.
In the past
Sure. It was all
“I can’t see you with another man”
Or, “My heart won’t open to anyone else.”
In the now
Fine. It’s all
“What was that”
And, “I heard a noise”
And, “There is someone else in this room”
And, “Stay away from the fireplace”
And, “You’ll never get away with this”
And, “Not the blender”
And on, and on…

So! Be well. Live long.
Come back to the old town
See how things have changed.
As for this ?
Discard, or frame cause
This is the last letter you’ll ever get from me.

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