I Interview my ex-girlfriend.

 photo IMG_2113_zps5048eb60.jpg
EX: I’m going to a meeting in five minutes.
ME: Okay.
EX: At that point — wherever you are in this mission of repentance—
ME: Right.
EX: Or, self-satisfying importance—
ME: I understand.
EX: I’m walking away.
ME: You—
EX: Mid — stupid-thought out of your mouth — I’m walking away.
ME: You are very successful.
EX: That’s right.
ME: What do you do.
EX: I work for the Western Costume Company.
ME: What is that.
EX: A costume company that supplies wardrobes for films, television, and stage.
ME: It’s in Hollywood.
EX: Yes.
ME: Do you see famous people.
EX: Often.
ME: Famous actors?
EX: Yes.
ME: Can you name a—
EX: Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Douglas, Emma Stone, Jim Carrey.
ME: Remember when you wanted to be an actor?
EX: I do. Wish you wouldn’t say it like that.
ME: Sorry.
EX: I studied it in University.
ME: Where did you go? Esper?
EX: Strasberg.
ME: Right. The Method. I thought you were very good.
EX: Thank you.
ME: You were really good in Othello.
EX: I wasn’t in Othello.
ME: Weren’t you—
EX: I auditioned for Emilia; I wound up doing costumes.
ME: Who played Emilia?
EX: Beth.
ME: That’s right. I dated her.
EX: You did.
ME: She’s doing very well right now.
EX: Yup.
ME: How did you know her?
EX: She was my roommate.
ME: Shit, that’s right.
EX: …
ME: Still speak to her?
EX: No.
ME: Did that production spark the flame for doing wardrobe full time?
EX: I wasn’t getting hired as an actor.
ME: I like your ring.
EX: You remember it?
ME: Did I give that to you?
EX: No, my grandmother gave it to me.
ME: It’s beautiful.
EX: You tried to barter with our pot dealer cause you were too tired to go to the ATM.
ME: Are you happy now with doing wardrobes?
EX: People trust me with hundreds of thousands of dollars; I have three assistants, and manage over thirty employees. It feels good to be respected by people I respect.
ME: What is something someone said to you recently that made you feel great?
EX: Um. Someone said I have a good eye for contrast.
ME: Not that eye.
EX: What?
ME: When you used to get really upset, that eye would shoot up — suddenly look over my shoulder.
EX: Yeah.
ME: And I was always looking behind me.
EX: Uh-huh.
ME: To where you were looking.
EX: Right.
ME: “Where is she looking?”
EX: Uh-huh. Where do you work? Where are you working now?
ME: I just finished a play—
EX: Are you in one now?
ME: No.
EX: So you’re unemployed.
ME: No.
EX: What are you—
ME: Bartending.
EX: Are you happy?
ME: Definitely. It’s a great restaurant.
EX: What’s it called?
ME: Chi-chi Rodriguez It’s a taco bar.
EX: Never heard of it.
ME: It’s not a chain. We buy, and source locally.
EX: Where is that?
ME: In Connecticut — it’s a really—
EX: Where in Connecticut?
ME: Stamford, it’s a wealthy area. Affluent, and—
EX: Downtown? By the water? Near the—
ME: Strip mall.
EX: Oh.
ME: It’s in a strip mall, and there’s a Starbucks on the corner.
EX: Okay.
ME: Really nice people, and the line is so fast.
EX: At your restaurant?
ME: No, the Starbucks.
EX: Okay.
ME: Busy like Brooklyn.
EX: Restaurant?
ME: Still Starbucks.
EX: Brooklyn. Where we met.
ME: That’s right.
EX: Where did we meet.
ME: How… how have I helped you reach your goals?
EX: You haven’t.
ME: By teaching, or as an example—
EX: Nope.
ME: They say everyone is a lesson—
EX: I take that back. You taught me not to open my heart. You helped me realize I shouldn’t count on anyone. You made me realize how unfortunate it is to never orgasm.
ME: What movies have you costumed?
EX: Marie Antionnette, The English Patient, Life is Beautiful.
ME: I love that movie.
EX: Which.
ME: Life is Beautiful.
EX: Me, too.
ME: That scene.
EX: Which.
ME: Where he’s in the opera and—
EX: Everyone in the audience is watching the stage.
ME: But he’s looking to the right.
EX: Staring at this woman he’s enamored with—
ME: Yeah.
EX: I think we saw that together.
ME: I know we did. You snuck in Doritos.
EX: You gave me your cardigan.
ME: Really cold in that theatre.
EX: Chelsea theatre? The coldest.

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