You Know What

 photo IMG_2598_zpsbb5ace71.jpg
You know what I remember?
The kitchen.
Small stove, loud fridge,
That dirty carpet underneath our feet.
How many peas, and pita chips fell from our plates.

We did pretty well all things considered.
Middle-eastern, pizza, fajitas,
All without meat;
(Of course without meat.)

We consumed:
Well in those days we were hungry:
We danced, performed, talked;
I honestly can’t remember a single thing we said.
I must have used the words
“Delicious” and “Difficult” and “Don’t know.”
I usually say “difficult” when I’m being compassionate.
That must have been difficult for you.

All these words and not a sentence — Wait!
There was something about a hotel:
Something fancy,
Something kinky,
An older married woman, and a pool-boy.
All you did was talk about your husband.
All I did was talk about my dreams.
We both got something out of it
Just not what we thought we wanted.

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