West Virginia is for lovers (I think)

Apparently I can be fined up to a million dollars if I talk about the TV movie I’m doing. I can’t talk about the story, my character, the dialogue — anything, anything, anything would get me in a heap of trouble. I can, however, talk about the hotel room I stayed at.

The Turf Inn is a lovely little hotel located in the heart of Charles Town, West Virginia. My room has two double beds and a large flat screen TV. (I didn’t turn it on once.) I did, however, use their internet which was very easy to get onto, and worked wonderfully.

I ate last night at the Mediterranean Cafe which is located .7 miles (I walked) into town. I thought of that poem by Louis Jenkins…

“When you’re in town, wearing some kind of uniform is helpful…”

There were old buildings with high columns. There was a sign that said Charles Town was pioneered by George Washington’s brother (the less famous sibling. Kinda like Eric Roberts — Julia’s brother.) The restaurant was located across from a house-ware/junk shop. I wasn’t planning on entering but a young woman dressed in what might have been a Halloween Costume, or just an elaborate red dress, was playing acoustic guitar in the window and I wanted to hear the song. The woman behind the counter gave me a big hello. Another woman offered me soup in a dixie cup, which I declined and when she informed me she made the soup I said “Must be good.” And she said “You’ll never know.” There were Thanksgiving-like place mats. Whole bean coffee from West Virginia. Candles that had a potent scent. The woman with the acoustic guitar was playing Zeppelin, specifically (Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You) which happens to be one of my top ten Zeppelin songs. It hovers around seven or eight, depending on the weather (colder and rainy sparks a rise).

I’m not finished with this, but I have to go to Wardrobe for a thing that I can’t talk about. To try on clothing made of cloth. Probably shoes, too, but I don’t want to give away too much.

This is what happens DC, when you don’t give me theatre work. You force me to write about small towns.

Coming up next!!!!!

What happens when Elan goes to Crossfit!?
What happens when the trainer performs a squat and says “Like a stripper.”
What happens when Elan passes a tray of free donuts?
Will he give in? Will he be strong? Will he flat out ask why the trainer asked what motel he’s staying at?
Find out!!!!

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