Jamais, Jamais…

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Two ideas for plays. Next one tomorrow. (I use to be precious with that shit. Not even tell people what I’m working on for fear they’d take the idea and write it before me, but now fuck it. I would love someone to take my idea and write a better play than me.)

1. OLD WORLD/NEW WORLD — European vacation. It’s a romantic comedy between this high-strung New Yorker, and his brilliant Mathematics-major fiancee. They go to Austria, or Hungary — an eastern block country — and it’s the funny differences between their so called civilized Manhattan, and the backwards and not as cutting edge as the distant Austro-Hungarian empire. From waiters and pastries, to vodka and plum wine, to driving and museums. They laugh, shmooze, eat, drink and dine, but there’s a deeper riff between them. Something thick and substantial that threatens the comedy of the piece; keeps popping it’s head up. Something in the relationship that hasn’t ironed itself out. A tough groove that gets treated like a speed bump — carefully driven over. Then he’s gone. She’s at a police station, answering all kinds of questions about her area of interest, and if she works for her country. Slowly, we find out the high strung New Yorker has committed a heinous act, and might spend time in jail. Is the woman involved? What is happening between them? Will they stay together? Will he leave the country? Does he want to? What is it that binds them together? What is bubbling beneath the surface?

From the play…

OFFICER: Did he mention anything last week?
OFFICER: Anything that might seem violent, or anti-government?
HANNAH: Oh! We were driving from the Hero’s Pavilion — someone cut him off — we had to slam hard on the breaks and he said ‘I would love nothing more than to kill this man driving in front of me. I would kill him and I would make his family watch.’ But he was just in one of his moods.

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