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We’re here at 95.9FM, and I’m Angela Murphy coming to you live form the Make up hour. We know you’re hurt. We know he left. We know she’s never coming back. Caller number five, you’re our lucky caller of they day…
Cindy, you’re on the air.
Angela, I’ve been listening to your show for seven years now.
Thank you, Cindy.
On my drive home from the bowling alley, just listening you — I think what you do is help.
We try.
You help people.
What we can help you with today?
I got a daughter, and she is one special lady. She is my rock, and she’s going through a real tough time. She just got divorced, and now she’s a single mother with a three month year old to take of.
That’s tough.
And they’re not giving her enough shifts at the bar. She tried to pick up some extra work at the counter deli on Farifield, but it’s just not enough.
What song can we play for her today? What would you like to dedicate to—
And she’s hitting the bottle again, Cindy. Pinot Grigio, the Merlot, Yuengling, whatever she can get her hands on—
Dependency issues, we all deal with them in some way. Are you helping, her get through though?
I wish I could, Angela. Lord knows, I wish I could.
You don’t live close.
No, she lives with me. Just don’t have the time, plus I’ve been a mother.
I can understand that.
I have been through that with my daughters daddy and god bless him—
So what song can we—
But when he dies I’m going to throw a banquet. It will be—
Tina Turner? Are we thinking something uplifting—
An old fashioned cocktail party. I will slide on the lanes till I land on that little air vent over the ball dispatcher, and let that wind shoot up my jammies.
Tina it is.
Find his brother and just make out with him.
This song is going out to Cindy for her daughter who’s having just a real tough time. This is Angela Murphy and thanks for tuning into The Makeup Hour.

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