I saw a black bear: Old Rag

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Beautiful day.
It really is.
Not gonna be more of these left.
Gotta get the hiking in while I can.
The boots.
Ah. Yes.
Good company.
Are they?
They do a lot for wilderness initiatives — notably in areas with bear population.
That’s great.
No, it really is. A company that spends it’s Continue reading I saw a black bear: Old Rag

straight no chaser: Old Rag

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When you said “I’ll never leave you,” I get that you didn’t mean “never.” Fine. It’s been a week, though… You can’t throw around words like that, and not expect them to have meaning. And it’s a bold thing to say. Who says that anymore? Except when you are in love, and actually mean it, or you just finished a long hike and you’ve revealed some angst filled strain in your DNA that your dad gave you when you were eight. Because that’s when Continue reading straight no chaser: Old Rag

Talk Radio

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We’re here at 95.9FM, and I’m Angela Murphy coming to you live form the Make up hour. We know you’re hurt. We know he left. We know she’s never coming back. Caller number five, you’re our lucky caller of they day…
Cindy, you’re on the air.
Angela, I’ve been listening to your show for seven years now.
Thank you, Cindy.
On my drive home from the bowling alley, just Continue reading Talk Radio

Hike with me

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After flashing my park pass to the park ranger — let’s be honest — she turned into a hot mess. My girl was wearing tight black jeans and converse — fuck hiking boots. I sported a forest green vest, and a two tiered fanny pack that carried over two liters of water.

The park rangers name was Stacey. Stacey Tree-Hugger, like a hyphenated name (whatever— mommy and daddy had control issues). She expected me to pay five bucks. Spit out a five sinner for a two axel parking spot at Great Falls? The Continue reading Hike with me