photo IMG_1780_zpsaeaaae10.jpg
After forgetting to do Sun Salutations
“I was wondering why I was so tight.”
She led us into a choppy
Mess of up downs
Legs out
Too long in twists
Too short in pigeon:
She gutted us.
All with the voice
Of a 1950’s housewife.
Who made it cool for Yoga teachers to talk
To students as if they’re children in a nursery?
I’m a grown man.
Please talk to me like an adult.
The 6am class needs someone who can feel the room
Who doesn’t need to visit every student
Kneel down and say
“What would you like to work on today?”
Kelly Melsted never needed anyone to tell her
Because she breathed the room.
Then she had bad news.
“Sorry to end class with a bit of sad news.
I’m taking another job — I won’t be teaching here anymore.”

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