Summertime or Why not take all of me

 photo IMG_1848_zpsa67ab0ab.jpg
There he goes again.
Into the belly of the beast.
Here’s where the narrative shifts.
From Hey, things good.
To The doorbell keeps ringing, but there’s no one there.
It hurts
In my nervous system
I’m hallucinating
From the ground a dead dog barks.
The dead dog is my mom
My mom is barking.
There’s a leash around her neck
Someone is walking her.
It’s him.
It’s the boy.
He’s walking my mom saying
“She can poo wherever she likes.”
Stop it.
He’s here. He’s still here.
Playing lego.
I want to get lost.
I want to lose the airplane ticket.
I want to say don’t go.
I want to have a cry-fest.
I want to burst into a demi-ocean
Screaming I am Atlantis!
I am atlantis.
I’m not atlantis
I’m a puddle
Made from months of rain,
And a poorly put together cobblestone street.
Gets worse with age.
Like vinegar.
Our parting is acrid.
You took the best,
Baby, take all of me.

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