What do you do

 photo IMG_1777_zps284872f2.jpg
It was nice chatting with you this evening.
Just want to let you know it’s raining, and you were right — I should have brought my umbrella.
No big deal that you couldn’t talk about your job.
Sorry if I pushed.
I work for a Japanese company sounded weird.
“I work for a Japanese Company.”
What are you Godzilla?
That’s not funny. I’m sorry.
This is new.
Since I came to DC, I’ve never heard anyone say “I can’t really talk about it,”
When asking what they do for a living.
Come to think of it, I never used to ask people
What they do for a living — till I came to DC.
It really wasn’t necessary for you to walk me home.
I apologize if that came out a little sharp.
I live close, so it was no big deal.
We don’t know each other that well,
And it’s not as though I’m embarrassed about where I live
As much as I just didn’t want you to know the location of my home.
Remember when the wind picked up and I was getting ready to pay
And the twenty dollar bill flew out of my hand
And you snatched it?
What reflexes.
Seriously, really impressive.
Then when you said “what will I do for the twenty.”
That was kind of hot.
I was like “what?” Ha.
Though I don’t think you were joking.
Were you?

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