Boulevard of Broken Bus Stop’s

 photo IMG_1772_zps4a20202d.jpg
That’s what I was telling him.
That’s exactly what I was telling him.
Lenny come in here screaming and hollering with —
“I don’t have my hat. When I get my hat that’s when you’ll see.”
Scratchin the pool table,
Bending over his stick like “hmmmmm.”
Serious as coffee.
What is that? Hey! What is that?
Hey! Hey!
Don’t be throwing that thing up in here. Gots some grown adults in this bus stop.
Be treating this place with respect………………..
I’m telling you, Crosby. He like that every night.
Okay! okay! What I tell you?
What I tell you about throwing your frisbee in here?
Not a frisbee?
What is it? It looks like a frisbee? It smells like a frisbee?
A shield.
Ahhh, I see. That’s one em them superhero things.
And who you supposed to be?
Captain ‘merica. Captain ‘merica. That’s good.
I like that. Seeing you all.
Looking at you. That your dad? That your dad, there?
He Captain ‘merica too, right?
Yeah, he is.
You got… I’m just thinking — you had everything I always wanted — in this life.
I’m not trying to — Not trying to do………….
Be careful when you throwing the thing.

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