Thoughts while I’m thinking about something else

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Fred showed up at the play reading sweaty and irritated. He had slept poorly the night before, and it showed on his face and his roughly cut beard. His clothes were strewn together in a way that said “fashion.” His diet had taken a sudden turn: the week before he had watched his carb intake, avoided dairy, and ate a lot of raw protein all the while running 2 to 3 miles a day. This week started the same… he made a salad of lentils, kale, and quinoa – that would last him the whole Continue reading Thoughts while I’m thinking about something else

What do you do

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It was nice chatting with you this evening.
Just want to let you know it’s raining, and you were right — I should have brought my umbrella.
No big deal that you couldn’t talk about your job.
Sorry if I pushed.
I work for a Japanese company sounded weird.
“I work for a Japanese Company.”
What are you Godzilla?
That’s not funny. I’m sorry. Continue reading What do you do

Boulevard of Broken Bus Stop’s

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That’s what I was telling him.
That’s exactly what I was telling him.
Lenny come in here screaming and hollering with —
“I don’t have my hat. When I get my hat that’s when you’ll see.”
Scratchin the pool table,
Bending over his stick like “hmmmmm.”
Serious as coffee.
What is that? Hey! What is that?
Hey! Hey!
Don’t be Continue reading Boulevard of Broken Bus Stop’s