Morning Paper

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Union Market. A couple is leafing through a newspaper at the counter.
Man: We should check the Weekend Section.
Woman: Definitely.
Man: Hi, I’ll have a double americano.
Woman: Two please.
Barista: You got it. Are you going to buy that paper?
Man: Hm?
Barista: Are you going to purchase that?
Man: Ah, no. Just looking through it. Continue reading Morning Paper

Brace. Tense. Steel.

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As Herman looked over his menu descriptions — hoping desperately to finally hold onto a bartending gig that will ultimately get him laid — he noticed the 8 oz steak didn’t come with rice and beans. The burrito did. The tacos and chimichangas did. What was it about the steak?

As Herman’s final interview with boss manager Kassel came to a close — he posed the questions.
“Up-sell ’em, Herman. Bear down low, and you Continue reading Brace. Tense. Steel.


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The flowers are turning brown;
Not that you noticed.
You’re not noticing much these days
And its making me wonder
If it’s not so much that you aren’t aware,
As that you don’t a give shit.

I bought you a car,
You barely flinched.
I told you about that new flavor of ice cream,
You “Hmmphed.”
I offered you a free acupuncture treatment,
To treat that thing that happens
When you wake up Continue reading Scrutiny