when sound the dice roll make

 photo photo_zps26c832d7.jpg
Leaving town was probably the worst idea I’ve ever had.
I’m not gonna say I made a mistake,
But I think about you being a shitty
Ball player now, I guess that some of that blame
Falls on to me.
Some people like roots;
That’s a big thing to people,
You hear it all the time:
“Roots, man. That’s where it’s at.”
“I just need some roots. I gotta dig in ya know?”
Know what those people ain’t got?
People fear mobility like people fear the dark.
Cause mobility is a freight-train.
It runs through every memory you had when I wasn’t there:
To stop that boy from punching your face;
Stop your momma from having that next cup;
To give you the lighter that eventually would
Burn all the ‘Happy Birthday’ cards
From a dad who drove his Pontiac into the sun.
All this is to say…
When I used to tell you there were no monsters under your bed, or in the closet — I wasn’t lying.
Know how I know?
Cause I see every single one of their faces
Every time I close my eyes.
And it all started the moment I became mobile.

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