What’s it About

 photo image_zpsfc267443.jpg
Is it hugging, or talking?
Which one do you want to do till we die.
Hugging or talking, walking or crawling…
Don’t you want both?
Both, then.
So we hug and talk for the rest of our lives.
When you’re mad?
When you’re mad, I get mad.
I can’t stand when you have complaints about me.
What did you call me the other day?
“Mr. Hang-up man.”
Were you joking?
You weren’t.
Cause I hang up on you. I am always getting off the phone with you
And you don’t like it
And you want me to stop
Maybe you could get off the phone with me sometimes.
Ideas. Ideas live forever.
Someone really smart said that.
Someone who didn’t eat meat said that.
George Bernanrd Shaw said that
But in a different way
More artistic
And grand.
I wish I George Bernanrd Shaw.
I would hug him.
He may not like that.
I wish I could hug you
All the time.
Sometimes my bones ache for you.
Do you get me?
My bones.
The things that hold my body upright
Have the urge to shift
From their position
Leave my flesh
And hug you.
So, hugging or talking.
Both, then.
Till the day we die.

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