The only man on earth

Photo on 1-27-14 at 11.10 AM
Being the only man on earth
I find waiting for coffee
Not much of a wait.
I used to dread being twelfth in line
Brooding behind moms, and suits, and punks
Headset barista would radio my order
And nine cappuccinos, two espressos, and one mocha later
I’d be out the door.
These days I feel rushed.
I walk down St. James Street
Order the drink in my head
Open the doors to the Cafe du Monde
Hop behind the counter and
Cafe au lait is made.

Going to the gym is nice.
Not only do I have my choice of machines,
They never seem to run out of towels.
I can jump rope anywhere I please,
No wait for the rowing machine
Plenty of room in Pilates
I always get a bike during Spin Class
And I’ve got the best body in the sauna.

The City park on Wisner
Greener than ever!
Trees are growing wild
Ducks have taken hold
Beyond the pond.
I can’t walk a foot without being swarmed.
They see me coming a mile away
I think they work in teams
And if I’m not carrying eight loaves of bread
They’ll snap off a finger.
(It can be a little stressful.)

I’m fine,
Happy with the decisions I’ve made
I think sometimes there may be room
For you.

The Cafe du Monde aches
For a conversation.

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