little white running sneakers

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Contributing to the world is important. Making sure that the special in you is able to translate into a new and surprising learning experience for others, or enlightening for others is crucial.

Park bench. Cool air. Public space. About to drink peppermint tea I’m staring at the rim-filled boiling water, blowing on the water, making little waves, and I hear footsteps, grown up footsteps coming from the front of me and they are coming fast. I go to take a sip, but the peripheral of feet — little white running sneakers — come bolting my way, and I swing my head up. I’m scared. A blur is bolting my way. Blur turns to flesh. Flesh becomes clothes. My mind says ordinary person. Then female. Then Asian. Then not actually directly toward me, more to the left of me. Then, hmmm…

She saw me jolt. For an instant I felt threatened by what my mind now translates into a ‘soccer mom.’

I wonder if she noticed. I bet she doesn’t get to be that threatening all the time.

Unless running up on people is her thing.

(What did you do today?)

One thought on “little white running sneakers”

  1. Elan. Hey bud. You should start tagging these as writing, WOD, etc. I think you could reach a broader audience, if you care to.


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