Rotation of earth — faster

 photo IMG_1667_zpsad269ac1.jpg
Sometimes I want to crawl into the crack of the earth;
Morph my body into a gel,
Slinking into the rocky edges of a sidewalk.
Not today.
Today I’d prefer to leap off the largest canyon.
Not on earth.
Not today.
Today, I’d like to find a canyon on another planet;
A larger planet
With ten moons,
All of them massive
With eight suns
All irradiating cliffs and valleys.
The planet would have a faster rotation than earth.
I would stand on the edge of the great alien canyon,
The planet would turn (and)
In an earth’s minute
I would be
Upside down,
Sliding down the purple space rocks,
Five thousand miles of brilliant blue boulders,
Landing in an explosion of yellow sand in the middle of a volcano.
(And) All with a giant

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