A Dash of Red in Rain

 photo image_zps64630c0b.jpg
Before we forget to hang up the lights
I wanted to remind you we live together.
You may think it strange, that I remind
You of such an obvious thing.
You are always noticing those little different things,
You have a great eye for placement, and
I think these lights will look wonderful near the fireplace.

Mention to me in early May, why the birds
Failed to frequent our feeder.
Lest we forget why we began living together
In the first place.
I enjoy the chirping in the morning.
Remember when we both laid in bed and heard the chirping
in the morning, and you said ‘You have got to be kidding me’ because you were amazed at how much of a bird following we received.

If none of this makes sense,
Then please think back
To the first time we met,
Most likely you’ll remember liking me.
The first thing I noticed was the little boy (in you).
Like seeing a gush of red in a picture (of rain).

Mention to me in early May, if I forget we used to live together.

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