I’ve made…

 photo image_zpsc2963e25.jpg
I’ve made a terrible mistake. I’m going to need time to stand still for a second, so bear with me. Stop. I’m not telling time that I’m telling you. Don’t leave. Put down your phone. Take your coat off, really nice coat by the way, Zara? Take your coat off and wait. I have made a terrible mistake and now I would like to fix that mistake. You’re going to have to marry me. I know I’m engaged. Everyone knows I’m engaged, but I’ve been watching a lot of animals lately, I’m really in to animals, and the thing is You only need what you need to survive. Get it?

When is a dog unhappy? When his owner leaves. I’m not saying your my owner. I am not saying that I’m a dog. I’m saying that simple wants, and needs are what I’m after. Like giving a bath. You hate it when you first get in, but then all the scrubbing, and soap, and fuck me— let’s take a bath. Let’s take a bath together. We’ve never done that! It’s always been annoying to take showers, cause you want to be sexy, but shampoo gets in the eye, and one person is always cold. It just happens. Unless we were rich, and had two spigots both spitting out hot water. Yeah—

Point. I’ve made a terrible mistake and I going to need to turn back time. How much is that gonna run me?

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