The Lowest Denominator

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At a cafe in Maine last week I stumbled upon a journal that someone had left in the floorboard of the wall. I was just staring into space, and thinking about my future — picking at the tiles near the sugar and napkin holder — when a larger piece fell with a PLOOP, and out comes the edges of fifty, maybe sixty pages tied together with faded twine. Continue reading The Lowest Denominator


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Sometimes I walk by birds and get upset when they fly away.
My dad says it’s cause I startle them, but I don’t know if that’s true.
If I see a bird up the path,
I keep my steps even and begin to think past them.
It sounds weird, but I think beyond the space where they are.
Looking past them at the bus stop,
I’ll think about why my dad was late picking me up;
If he were on time we might have made the bus, Continue reading Birds

The only man on earth

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Being the only man on earth
I find waiting for coffee
Not much of a wait.
I used to dread being twelfth in line
Brooding behind moms, and suits, and punks
Headset barista would radio my order
And nine cappuccinos, two espressos, and one mocha later
I’d be out the door.
These days I feel rushed. Continue reading The only man on earth

little white running sneakers

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Contributing to the world is important. Making sure that the special in you is able to translate into a new and surprising learning experience for others, or enlightening for others is crucial.

Park bench. Cool air. Public space. About to drink peppermint tea I’m staring at the rim-filled boiling water, blowing on the water, making little waves, and I hear footsteps, grown up footsteps Continue reading little white running sneakers

I’m not going to blame you, but if i did it would go something like —

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It was horrible.
I knew it would be.
I’m not blaming you, but I did mention to you last Thursday…
Forget it.
How bad?
How bad was it really?
Grown men were laughing at me.
Have you been laughed at recently?
Not fall when you’re three, or spill milk when you’re four, or parents put you in Continue reading I’m not going to blame you, but if i did it would go something like —