when sound the dice roll make

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Leaving town was probably the worst idea I’ve ever had.
I’m not gonna say I made a mistake,
But I think about you being a shitty
Ball player now, I guess that some of that blame
Falls on to me.
Some people Continue reading when sound the dice roll make

El Presidente Colonial

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You tell me you can’t see us together anymore;
Like those two flower pots on the table:
We’re both there just not together.
I kick and scream and throw paint.
You speak calmer and explain that life goes on,
Ocean’s this,
Forest’s that,
Planets continue to blah, blah, blah— Continue reading El Presidente Colonial

The Lowest Denominator

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At a cafe in Maine last week I stumbled upon a journal that someone had left in the floorboard of the wall. I was just staring into space, and thinking about my future — picking at the tiles near the sugar and napkin holder — when a larger piece fell with a PLOOP, and out comes the edges of fifty, maybe sixty pages tied together with faded twine. Continue reading The Lowest Denominator


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Sometimes I walk by birds and get upset when they fly away.
My dad says it’s cause I startle them, but I don’t know if that’s true.
If I see a bird up the path,
I keep my steps even and begin to think past them.
It sounds weird, but I think beyond the space where they are.
Looking past them at the bus stop,
I’ll think about why my dad was late picking me up;
If he were on time we might have made the bus, Continue reading Birds