We Get Along

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I told her I didn’t think there was anymore salsa, and she said “no, I’m pretty sure there is.” I don’t really like it when she takes that tone with me, but whatever, I’m just happy she found a job already. She pours herself another glass of pinot noir, and… okay, there Continue reading We Get Along

The Sauna

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Having stared at the older man’s crotch the first second I opened the door to the sauna in my gym last Tuesday, I decided this morning (if he were still there with his crotch open and exposed) I would stare in another direction (or, simply not stare at all).To my surprise, and his relief: I was alone.

I entered the sauna and turned the sand through the hour glass timer upside down with an eye on the five minute mark. Anything more would leave me completely dehydrated. Anything more than dehydrated, would leave me lifeless. Anything more than lifeless, would actually give me more energy as spurts of adrenaline would Continue reading The Sauna


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There is something your mother did a long time ago that is not sitting well. I didn’t know her. I never met her. I don’t you think you ever talked about her, but really, how cool was it to talk about your mom during sleep-away camp?

You were pale and thin, and seemed born with dark circles under your eyes. It wasn’t from staying up too late — though you did. It wasn’t from insomnia — which you may have suffered from. It was Continue reading Thin