Improv show (Old Journal Entry)

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It went very well. Not very well. But okay. I wasn’t ashamed. I always used to tell everyone and anyone to come to my show, but since this class with Anthony King started — I began telling people nothing. I even told my child not to come. “Rafael, you’re a year and 8 months now, it’s time you learned about shame. I am embarrassed to do a poor job of acting and improvising in front of you and your mother.” It went well. Not great. We didn’t find great games to play (which you should

be doing in a 501 class), but we did get on the same page and “yes, and” one another. Not “yes, and” all the time. Most of the time it was “yes, okay.” Which isn’t terrible, it just doesn’t take you to greatness. It keeps things moving in a neutral sort of way without much heightening of the last thing said. People begin inventing and you can sense this desperate feeling come over the scene. 

     The suggestion was ‘Shark Attack’ and we had a high energy opening, but suffered from (once again, and I believe it to be the main problem of our class) too many good ideas. Too many people wanting their ideas to  be front and center. Individually we have great players. I can see at least four of them on Harold teams. We didn’t gel. Which is not to say there were no great scenes in class cause there most definitely were.

     Our opening…. After thanking the audience for the suggestion we went around like sharks making the jaws theme song which led to “tag!” So we had sharks playing “tag” which led to, “Wait wait wait… who’s it?” Then we were all running around the stage frightened out of our minds screaming “Who’s it!” (Later Dave initiated a scene about a high school professor giving a lecture but had to stop because he was “It.”) It later came out he was in a life or death game of “tag” which he’s been playing all his life. I began exploring the world of ‘not being able to continue his lecture with us,’ rather than the far more interesting idea of ‘a game of tag played for real life stakes.’ I do that often. I play the second or third most interesting thing in a scene. I think it comes from Will Hines telling me in 301, “It’s the first thing. Find it, and fuck it. He might have not said that exactly, but I’m paraphrasing. Find the first thing, and go with it.

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