2 Laundromats In Competition

 photo image_zps5fa709c4.jpg
Across the street from my bedroom window one can see a new sign that reads, “Min-Yang Cleaners.” I’ve never met Min-Yang, no one has ever introduced themselves as Min-Yang, and I’m not quite sure where Min-Yang fits into the piece of the puzzle, but I don’t use them anymore because I dropped off a carpet to be cleaned with my laundry one day and they washed them together in the same load.
On the other side of the street there is another new sign in much the same font as Min-Yang,

that reads “Fu Cleaners Cleaners.” Fu’s a great lady. She gives me a big smile when I enter the store. She gives my son lollipops. She gave me a cake once for no special reason other than I brought her some oranges on my way home from work one afternoon. I brought her something because she’s nice to my son. I brought her oranges because it’s a healthy alternative to the white rice and duck she slurps on while greeting me hello.
With a laundry bag in my left hand, Rafael in my right hand and a lollipop in his right hand, i exited Fu Cleaners Cleaners and ran straight into an angry little stump of a person.
“You so good. You so Father, with your child,” said the stump.
I detected sarcasm and if there’s one thing I can’t stand is someone shorter than me being sarcastic.
“You’re saying I’m not a good Father.”
“Your clothes are not so clean.”
“Fuck you.”
“You don’t even know me.”
“I know your loyalty is weak.”
“You washed a carpet with my clothing.”
“Why you give me carpet, wise guy?”
“To have it washed Ming, but-”
“It’s, Min. Min. Min-Yang. Ming?”
“I shortened it.”
“You think we all Ming?”
“What your name?”
“Whole name.”
“Elan Zafir. What I call you Elir?”
“Don’t do that.”
You wouldn’t like it.”
“Then learn my name.”
“This is ridiculous. I’m going home.”
“I want you to wash clothes at my store.”
“I understand that. This is not the way to go about doing it.”
“Then please don’t tell anyone I wash your clothes with carpet.”
“Will you continue to wash peoples clothing with articles of furniture that are able to washed?”
“Yes, and I will charge more, because it heavier.”

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