Fair, or Have You Gone?

 photo IMG_0972.jpg

Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. You can say it’s energy, you can say it’s smarts. Sometimes I can’t decide what the best move to make is. Sometimes, it’s money. Sometimes it’s heart. Sometimes I confuse what I want with what I feel. Then someone gets hurt. Someone always gets hurt. Does someone always wind up okay? Yes. Someone is always winding up okay, and one could say it’s the person who gets hurt. 

Who gets the trophy? Whose right? Cause that’s really what it all boils down to. Melts down to. The bunsen burner goes and the science teachers says, ‘now be careful’ and someone always gets burned and someone always laughs. Constantly switching roles so it’s even. That’s fair. That is the definition of fairness. We get to switch roles. You don’t get to pick though, do you? You think you do. That makes it fair, too.

All this is to say… hold your child tight. Hold him till there’s no more tears. Till their replaced by groans. Hear a child groan and know it’s the pain of a million dreams all dying at once. Then look in his eyes, and smile. And make him feel like this is the best thing that could ever happen to us.

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