The Blind Pig

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A plain clothed man wearing flip flops
walked over to the sailors at the other end of the bar.

He had three bottles of beer in his right hand,
and three bottles in his left.

The five sailors tipped their beers back.

One of the sailors put his beer on the table, but it fell and he deftly caught it before it landed on the bar stool to the whoops and cries of the men.

One sailor shouted “Hands McGee!”
I wonder how long it will stick.

2 Laundromats In Competition

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Across the street from my bedroom window one can see a new sign that reads, “Min-Yang Cleaners.” I’ve never met Min-Yang, no one has ever introduced themselves as Min-Yang, and I’m not quite sure where Min-Yang fits into the piece of the puzzle, but I don’t use them anymore because I dropped off a carpet to be cleaned with my laundry one day and they washed them together in the same load.
On the other side of the street there is another new sign in much the same font as Min-Yang, Continue reading 2 Laundromats In Competition

Improv show (Old Journal Entry)

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It went very well. Not very well. But okay. I wasn’t ashamed. I always used to tell everyone and anyone to come to my show, but since this class with Anthony King started — I began telling people nothing. I even told my child not to come. “Rafael, you’re a year and 8 months now, it’s time you learned about shame. I am embarrassed to do a poor job of acting and improvising in front of you and your mother.” It went well. Not great. We didn’t find great games to play (which you should Continue reading Improv show (Old Journal Entry)


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I just want to let you know how much it meant for me to see you in the audience last night. It’s so funny cause I was just thinking of that song — our song — it came on in the dressing room, and it always makes me think of you.

I couldn’t believe it. What has it been like twelve years?? I was on stage. I was in the “love” scene. I leaned in to kiss, and I noticed a flicker in the crowd. Whoa, I just thought of this— is it still weird for you… when you see me kiss someone?

I remember how we used to Continue reading Sometimes

The Invited Rule

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Jen followed ‘the invited rule’ down into it’s stinking sweaty heart. She wanted her best friend Kylin to be at her wedding, but then was forced to invite Ted.

Jen read in the Oprah ‘100 Good Thing to do to Bad People’ that when having a cocktail party you needn’t worry about the invited rule. With a cocktail’s parties loud, and unfinished broad strokes of simplicity, self-assurance, and oomph! — you could potentially go through the entire evening without seeing any blemishes, dark spots, or uninvited/unwanted guests; a wedding was different. It was unavoidable. There would be no Kylin at her wedding if she didn’t invite that loose, lousy, cat-killer.

To be fair, Ted didn’t start out a satanic follower of a religious ‘purge’ believing cult. He wore tight pants and always tucked in his buttoned down Brooks Brothers all cotton classic point forward dress shirt. But things changed the day Jen saw Ted kick the cat. To completely fair. It wasn’t exactly a kick. Which Continue reading The Invited Rule

The Sauna

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Having stared at the older man’s crotch the first second I opened the door to the sauna in my gym last Tuesday, I decided this morning (if he were still there with his crotch open and exposed) I would stare in another direction (or, simply not stare at all).To my surprise, and his relief: I was alone.

I entered the sauna and turned the sand through the hour glass timer upside down with an eye on the five minute mark. Anything more would leave me completely dehydrated. Anything more than dehydrated, would leave me lifeless. Anything more than lifeless, would actually give me more energy as spurts of adrenaline would Continue reading The Sauna