Heartsick: Ongoing strains to record your behavior

 photo IMG_1626_zpsad47bff6.jpg

Let’s see….

You had a dream where you were looking for me, but i was dead, and you saw a grave and it said “Daddy” on it. You began to cry, but then I appeared and there were two of me, and so you figured you must have been looking at the grave of someone else’s daddy.

You refer to me now as “daddy.” You’ve never called me that before.

You are really going through a dad phase. Now these are your words… “You’re so handsome, and strong, and attractive, and you’re a genius. That’s why I love you.” Your words.

(I added “attractive.” I’m pathetic.)

I think the last time I saw you we were on a subway train together and I pretended to make an announcement, and said “Can I have your attention please, this is my son Rafael. This is his first time on a New York subway train.” Everyone in the train began to applaud and laugh, and you were so embarrassed, but secretly you loved it.

You told L to get over herself.

Cha-ching. That was hysterical. I can’t get into it, cause it’s too personal. I thought my timing was good. Your timing is better.

Heartsick. You said we were both heartsick from living too far away from each other.

Rubirosa our new favorite pizza place. You still like Posto, and you have some obsession with not choosing a favorite. “I like Posto the best, and I like Rubirosa the best.”

Everyday I love you a little more, and usually it’s for no reason at all.

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