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I would sincerely like to apologize for throwing you out of your car that sunny afternoon in North Miami Beach Florida. I would also like to apologize for running off the way I did with my mother screaming after me as I told P to “Gun it! Gun it!”

No way to treat a woman, or anyone.

Not in control of my feelings. That was pure teenage adrenaline, fueled by the very same gas that puts hair on your balls and chest. Of which I had barely any.

I wonder what you’re up to, and if you remember that? We exchanged oh, so many notes, when I probably should have been paying attention in class. I thought we were simpatico. I thought Continue reading D****e


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I have altered my workout.

Four months ago I typed in the google search engine ‘how do i look like Daniel Craig from Casino Royale,’ and more than a million sites popped up.

I have seen improvements. I gym five days a week. I use gym as a verb.

Trainers solicit me. They did so more in the beginning.

Just remember when you’re doing ‘clean and jerks’ keep your back straight. Kay? Bad form equals you in pain.
Thank you.
Just start here?
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Heartsick: Ongoing strains to record your behavior

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Let’s see….

You had a dream where you were looking for me, but i was dead, and you saw a grave and it said “Daddy” on it. You began to cry, but then I appeared and there were two of me, and so you figured you must have been looking at the grave of someone else’s daddy.

You refer to me now as “daddy.” You’ve never called me that before.

You are really going through a dad phase. Now Continue reading Heartsick: Ongoing strains to record your behavior