Catch Up

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I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

I’m spending a quiet night at home this evening. Just to let you know. To catch you up; to fill you in.

You used to want to know. You used to be a part of it. So I’ll just pass on the words; pass on the story; pass on the old wisdom there. I am going to be spending a quiet night at home this evening.

My days are good. I work out five times a week but only for an hour. I go to work. I bartend. It’s fun. As fun as bartending can be. Better when you’re single, but there is there.

It’s funny. It strikes me as funny. You know I used to be able to tell you things in person? I used to be able to talk. To hear, to see. To engage. To be engaged. There were ups and downs and all this fanfare and marching and we laughed and you smiled. I think I saw you smile. I remember seeing a smile. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your smile so I’m not sure if it’s even a smile anymore, but, this is this — as there is there.

And now I want to let you know if there was curiosity — there might be. It’s not insane for me to think; it’s not out of the ordinary for me to wonder; it’s not completely off the map for me to conjure the idea that you may be alive and want to know something. To know a fragment — to know a portion of my breathing blood and what it may be doing inside my body right now. Maybe that might be a source of curiosity for you. I don’t know. Putting it out there. And so…

I am spending a quiet evening at home.

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