Man on Subway

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Sunday morning on the R train from Roosevelt Avenue. Around 9AM. You could tell there was something different about you from the tone of your voice.

Anything you can give is very welcome. I will take food or change. I hope that I can give something back to you. Hope is… Hope is not forever. You do not have an infinite supply of hope. You can’t simply give it out willy-nilly. I hope that the people Continue reading Man on Subway

Do you remember?

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Do you remember when we sat near each other and there was no electricity? Do you remember when you saw me at the theatre and thought ‘oh, who might that be?’

I remember when you once ate a whole croissant and never offered me a bite.

I remember when you left black marks the width of your spread legs that never went away. I remember when writing something like that wouldn’t seem so odd.

Do you remember the bench? Eating olives and cheese?

Do you remember Continue reading Do you remember?